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Florence Food Treasure Hunt

Top-rated online!

Price can vary on season

Duration: 3 hours
Easy to customize: the treasure hunt will be tailored on your needs and wishes
No-lines policy: you will not stand in the entrance lines!
Price: from 36 euro per person
Meeting point: provided upon booking
Availability: everyday except Sunday
  - OR -   Email us for more info

If you are looking for an unusual and innovative experience to plan for your team-building activities, your bachelor/bachelorette party, or a tour with a group of students, this treasure hunt will be perfect!
On this special tour you will play games, see the highlights of the city and taste some Italian and Florentine specialties.

You will follow your expert guide, the “hunt master”, and stop to see iconic places of the city, including piazza dell’Unità, piazza della Repubblica and the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, with its cafes and boutiques, where you will learn about the history of the city with interesting descriptions and commentaries.

Visit the churches Santa Croce and Santa Maria del Fiore, where your knowledge will be tested by fun quizzes and trivia.

You will discover the legends and the secrets of Italian culinary traditions and artistic culture throughout the whole game.
While you are playing and learning you will also have the opportunity to taste some of the best Italian food, such as pizza, ice cream and many other delis.

Immerse yourself in the daily habits of the citizens in piazza della Signoria, the heart of the political and social life of the city, and in St. Lorenzo’s Market, where you will wander around the numerous stands, looking for clues and hints. Florentine culinary traditions and recipes.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to spend time with your colleagues, your friends or your class mates and to learn about Italian culinary and artistic culture while having delicious fun!

- A minimum of 24 hours notice is required in order to reserve this hunt. This does not guarantee availability, especially during high season.

- The hunt can be customized to your needs and wishes. We can add more sites and design a special itinerary.

- Hunt length is approximately 3 hours.

- This hunt is available everyday, except Sunday.

- This hunt will continue as scheduled in rainy weather. Bring appropriate raingear if rain is advised.

- Comfortable walking shoes are suggested.

- Sunscreen and bottled water is recommended, especially during hot, sunny days.

- The hunt master can meet you in your hotel in Florence if it is located in the city center.

- Transportation from your hotel is not included. Please inquire for the fee of our service if you would like to hire our private driver.

- This hunt is recommended for children of all ages. Kids below 18 must be accompanied by adults.

Tin from Kamloops, Canada
1 reviews

The 4 boys in our group (aged 10-16) at first had absolutely no interest in doing a guided tour of Florence and thought the treasure hunt idea was a bit juvenile for them. In fact, they had opted to do a morning in the Uffizi as it was forecasted to be over 100 F/39 C degrees while we were in Florence and they wanted air conditioning vs walking outside for 2.5 hours in the heat.

After a little convincing, they agreed to the tour and what a fun morning we all had! Giulia was sweet and highlighted Florentine history well which kept our kids engaged and excited as they listened to stories of the Medici family and learned about sculptures and buildings and an ancient “soccer/rugby” field.

The Treasure Hunt which pitted the adults against the kids kept the pace and interest up with a friendly rivalry as we scoured buildings and piazzas for highlighted items along the way.

What was really wonderful was that the Grade 8 curriculum that two of our kids had just studied covered the Renaissance and some of Florence as well and they were avid Percy Jackson series readers back a few years ago so the boys were very proud and excited to be able to shout out answers to many questions or fill in info that Giulia shared with us about famous Florentines, the Renaissance, and Roman mythology that many of us adults had long forgotten. A perfect way to make their education come alive!

Overall, the kids and adults alike all had an entertaining and educational morning with the tour of Florence and the Treasure Hunt - despite the ridiculous heat! The gelato that was included in the tour (at one of the best gelaterias in Florence) also helped to keep spirits high and internal temperatures down! We’d highly recommend this tour and only wish we knew about the Percy Jackson tour of Rome when we were there last week! Grazie mille, Giulia!! Bravo!!

Marco P from Boston, Massachussets
1 reviews

I was invited by my company to join a meeting in Florence and after hours of dull lectures we participated to this scavenger hunt. We were divided in teams and we competed. I still regret arriving second because the winners got a nice prize. Nonetheless was a fun afternoon and i really enjoyed it.